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Meet "The String"

Bella joined the herd in time for our first year of Beach Rides. Bella got the Nicknames "Miss B" and "Moose" because she so broad. Bella lost a lot of weight since then and doesn't like those nicknames anymore.

Bella is a half draft (Percheron and Quarter horse) 
Bella was so docile she was tasked with carrying our youngest riders. Bella is 7 years old now and has asserted herself as the alpha mare and requires older riders 

Sadly we just don't know much about her past except that she actually had access to the inside of peoples house ! 

Angel got his girly name when he was a yearling prancing around his pasture. His owner Gary thought he was so beautiful he could be an Angel. We are quite fond of him and his easing goin' demeanor. The bigger they are the more gentle they are holds true for this one.

He has grown up and we aren't sure when he is gonna stop growing ! He is big and he is as slow as he is big... there is an ongoing joke that the reluctant husbands who come along for the ride end up on Angel and they never complain about how slow he is...

Angel is definately the younger "up and coming" Alpha of the herd at the ripe age of 7. He was rescued on his way to slaughter in Canada at about a year old, a product of the "Primerin" production. His mother was kept pregnant the the handlers captured her urine for and extracted the Estrogen.

Angel twisted a gut last winter and we rushed him to OSU where the vets opened him up and fixed him. He has fully recovered and back to work since then. The fact that he had insurance made the decision to operate an easy one. Now all of our horses have it.

Jake "the Snake"... Jake's papered name is Jett but somehow Gary misread it and started calling him Jake... so now he is Jake. In the picture above he is giving the barn cat Squeeky a ride. Jake is 8 years old now and is another Paint gelding we are so famous for.

Jake was another victim of neglect, he spent the first 3 years of his life cooped up in a stall that was not cleaned regularly. I believe because of this he really hates bugs ! he will snap at them and toss his head a lot when they bother him. 

Jake has turned out to be one of the soundest horses we have on the string. and quite the Poser !

Chrome's Papered name is "Watch Chrome Go" also known as "Dooky" or just "Duke" is an 11 year old full Quarter Horse gelding and the alpha of the entire herd. He got the nickname "Dooky" because he lays down in his stall and well... he lies down right in his own Dooky and smells like it the next day ! Most people don't like that nickname very much so here's another, he also resembles "Dollar" the horse John Wayne rode in most all his Cowboy movies because he actually believed it was bad luck to change horses. We think the fact that he has 4 white socks is where the name Chrome came from, its like chrome on a motorcycle...

Chrome is usually utilized as a guide horse because he tows other horses well, but is not uncommon to have customers ride him when other horses may need the guides skill. Chrome is also used by multiple Students from 4 years old to umm, lets just say much older. 

Another characteristic of Chrome is his amazing ability on the trails. He seems to fear no obstacles, pushes his way through brush or creeks when asked. You just can't ask for any more from a horse.

Phantom is About 6 Years old, and considered to be a Buckskin Paint.

Phantom is by far our most famous horse. He is the poster child for the Super Weight Gain product from HorseGaurd. Phantom came to us from the Equine Outreach in Bend Oregon. When he arrived there he was starved and very skinny, The good people there put him back together with the help of the HorseGaurd Supplement. Ironically we still use their product to keep weight on our hard working horses, Phantom never needs it !

We would like to give the folks at Horsegaurd a big shout for there generosity. They donated bags of their supplements to be used as prizes in the schooling shows we produce at Green Acres and that was a big hit ! Thank You !

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